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What Types of Spas & Swimming Pools we Maintain?

There are all different types of spas and swimming pools. We know that you build or installed your spa or swimming pool based on your budget, parcel size, HOA and local city codes.

The different types of spas and swimming pools we maintain:

  • Above-Ground Pool and Spa: This is the most common type of spa or pool ownership. It is very attractive to own an above-ground spa or pool because of its’ price tag. However, these type of pools need to be maintained on a regularly basis and often times get dirtier much faster than in-ground swimming pools.
  • In-Ground Pool and Spa: If you have the budget and the lot size, this is the type of spa and pool you want. This is for families who want to have their own privacy and miniature water-theme park in their backyard! You can add a diving board, slide, basketball hoop, etc.
  • Olympic and Recreational Pool and Spa: These are the type of pools at recreational centers, gyms, apartments, etc. These are large in-ground pools that need regular maintenance because of the large amounts of people that use the pool.
  • Looking for a pool cleaner to maintain your residential or commercial pool?

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    Monthly Maintenance Rates Start at $20 Weekly

    This includes skimming the pool, brushing the pool, checking equipment to make sure it is running properly, checking pH level, chlorine and/or salt cells and adding shock if need be.